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  • Comment: What to expect during the Oscar Pistorius Trial

    It is important to understand that the prosecution team in the Oscar Pistorius ( Oscar’s)  trial bears the onus to prove Oscar’s guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.  As a result of bearing the onus the State will start by calling witnesses in order to lay the basis for a conviction on either premeditated murder or murder.  Before calling any witnesses the proceedings will start by the prosecution team putting all the charges to Oscar Pistorius so that he could plead to these charges.  It is...

  • Comment: Oscar Pistorius Trial

    It is quite clear from the numerous media reports and newspaper articles that the Oscar Pistorius trial has attracted attention never before seen in the South Africa legal system.  It is in our view important to comment on some of the legal issues raised during the bail hearing.  1. BAIL IS NOT A PUNISHMENT  People often forget that the bail proceedings have no penal nature to it and it is not the first attempt by the prosecution team to sentence a person or to score points in the public...